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What do you collect? Art? Pottery? Primitives? No matter what your interest is this online store named Antiquarius.lt is the place for you!

There are several things to remember when entering the world of collecting. Follow these tips whether you're a beginner or a professional.

  • First of all, when you're shopping, listen to your heart. Don't be motivated by trends, price tags, or pushy salespeople. Buy something that moves you, something that brings you joy!
  • And the most important thing to keep in mind is this. If you love something, you're right.

Collecting should be fun! If you aren't having fun, stop doing it.

We have been dealers in antique furniture, books and antiques for 15 years and have built up a good reputation for fair dealing and honesty throughout the collecting world.

We hope you enjoy your visit - don't forget to add www.antiquarius.lt to your favorites!

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Bernardinu 10-10

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Lithuania, phone +37069815366



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