Antique russian samovar catalog facsimile by Batasheffs factory

Russian facsimile pricelist (price-current) of pre revolutional (pre 1917 Batascheff factory samovars.

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Up for sale is nice Russian facsimile pricelist (pricekurant) of pre revolutional ((Товарищество паровой Самоварной фабрики наследников Василия Степановича Баташева в Туле), (Societe de la Fabrique de Samovare W.S. Batasheff successeurs, a Toula (Russie), ( Actien-Gesellschaft der Samowar-Fabrik W.S. Batascheff's erben in Tula (Russland)) Association of steam samovar factory heirs Vasilij Stepanovitch Batashev in Tula" factory samovars.

Published in Cyrillic.

Contents 74 different samovars pictures include original samovars names of shapes.

34 pages. Soft cover. 2006. ISBN 9955-9880-0-2

11 1/2" x 8 1/4;or 280 by 215 millimetres.

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