Various military uniforms of the Emperor of Russia poster

Various military uniforms of the Emperor of Russia poster

This limited edition poster has been professionally printed on heavy 16 1/2 inches by 11 1/2 inches (420 x 295 millimeters) archival premium quality paper, using state of the art equipment, resulting in a superb high quality image.

The print looks exactly like the original. The print itself looks much better than the image.   


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(Les Differents uniformes militaires de L’Empereur de Russie)

-Uniform of Regiment of the Cossacks of the Guard (Uniforme du Regiment des Cosaques de la Garde), -Uniform of Regiment of Grodno Hussars (Uniforme du Regiment des Hussards de Grodno) , -Uniform of Regiment of the Cavalry Guards (Uniforme du Regiment des Gardes a cheval), -Particular Uniform of Casaques of the Escort of It's Majesty (Uniforme des Casaques de l’Escorte particuliere de Sa Majeste), -Uniform of Regiment Preobrajensky (Uniforme du Regiment Preobrajensky ) , -Uniform of Regiment of Husards of Its Majesty (Uniforme du Regiment des Husards de Sa Majeste). 

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